Saturday, 13 December 2008

Credit Crunch

The world is in economic meltdown, businesses going bust, people losing their jobs and homes being repossessd. It's like going back to the recession of the eighties. It's at times like these I'm glad I'm a Paramedic, glad I work in an area where at some point someone will need me. Everyone needs healthcare and always will.
Even at a time like this there is shed loads of overtime and I am taking full advantage of it, after all I need the money. Don't we all! Not only is christmas as expensive as ever but I've also got to pay for my wife's New York trip. I don't mind though, she deserves a break. Which reminds me I may be getting some video clips of FDNY because a couple from my local station have just been to the 'Big Apple'. Watch this space.

My timesheet looked odd, it showed mainly annual leave and overtime with only a hand full of rota'd hours. You see I get 277.5 hours annual leave but up until recently had only taken 44! I was politely informed by our scheduling dept to 'Hurry up and book my leave or have it allocated for me'. I've now done this but because we get a fair amount of time off any way I decided to book some overtime shifts.........................on days that I was on annual leave. Loads a money!!

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Anonymous said...

Send me your home email via my work 1 and i'll get those clips sent to you. You know who I am :-)