Sunday, 21 December 2008

Thanks you know who.

Thanks for sending me those, you know who. Although each clip is brief they were filmed in Ney York, Time Square and Madison Square Garden. Now what would be funny is if the Paramedics/EMTs that were in these 'Rigs' saw this blog and could tell me what the calls were. They were filmed between the 4th Dec - 9th Dec, I think. A needle in a haystack springs to mind.


Mike said...

Great reading. I'm a medic in Phoenix, AZ and really enjoy reading about the differences in our protocols and drugs we use. I had the pleasure of visiting London last year and never had a chance to chat with the ambulance crews I saw all over. Love those ambos with ramps and wheelchair gurneys.

Anonymous said...


Typical day in and around the "city". It's all you hear.

In case you don't know, I can tell you the departments which are in the videos...

1 & 2. St Luke's Roosevelt hospital EMS (hospital-based EMS)

3. St Vincent CMC EMS - covering the various local hospitals of the catholic medical system (I did my Paramedic with this lot, but rode mostly in Queens).

4 & 5 FDNY - type I ambulance and big firie thingy.


Scott33 (from you know where)