Friday, 10 April 2009

Capnography: What do you use?

I'm just wondering what sort of kit is used to measure ETCO2 around the world. At the moment we have the disposable detector shown at the top. We're supposed to be getting the EMMA (digital capnography, displayed underneath) soon. Our Critical Care Paramedics already have them and our local BASICS Drs have them. It looks like a cool gadget.
I know London Ambulance Service has capnography and use their Lifepack 12. Not sure about anyone else.
More can be read on this item here Also click this link to read up on capnography via Peter Canning's blog


Dave said...

In Tasmania, Australia:

Our older monitor/defibrillators are a base model Welch Allyn MRL.
When we are using them we use have to use colourimic (sp) detectors, namely the:
"Pedi cap CO2 detector" & the "Easy cap CO2 detector"

Our newest monitor/defibrillators are the Philips MRx which have CO2 detection (includes a digital reading and waveform, "the gold standard" as they say...) built in. Very nice and work well.


Mart said...

EMAS - currently diddly squat. Zip. Nothing.