Thursday, 2 April 2009

Critical Hemorrhage Kit

Here are the items we carry in our critical hemorrhage kits which are on each front line truck.
Photo 1
Kendrick traction splint - This is a compact bit of kit for the use on adults or kids who have snapped their femur aka mid-shaft femur fracture. This is a serious injury and can result in major blood loss especially when there is bilateral open fractures (both bones broken and protruding through the skin). Also bloody painful. Shed loads of Entonox, Morphine and traction. And if you have a handy BASICS Dr, Secamb Critical Care Paramedic or flight paramedic from EEAT available then you might get some Ketamine as well. We also have the sagar traction splint on board which can be used for bilateral fractures where as the kendrick is only suitable for a single fracture.
Photo 2
Military pressure dressings - We have various size dressings including an abdominal one. They do exactly what say on the tin, apply pressure.
Photo 3
CAT or Combat application tourniquet - These are for life threatening hemorrhage from the arms or legs. There has been a lot of debate about the use of the tourniquet in recent years but when used in the right circumstances can and have saved lives. We carry 2 on each truck.
Photo 4
Asherman chest seal -This is for open chest wounds/sucking chest wounds. If someone has this sort of injury then this bit of kit acts as a one way valve. It prevents air from being drawn into the space between the chest wall and the lungs but allows air to escape. If air was allowed to enter it would cause all sorts of problems.
Photo 5
Pelvic splint - If someone has suffered a fractured pelvis we can stabilise it with this device. It helps by reducing the bleeding which can be fatal.

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RapidResponseDoc said...

Good post. Really need to get some of this stuff in our ambos down South. Or even in my car!! We go round and round with the tourniquet argument. Current teaching is very much in favour of them, and the new ATLS guidelines, which came out a few months ago (V 8) do describe theri use.