Thursday, 21 August 2008


I was born in an ambulance. Back in those days, the 70's, ambulance crews did both forms of work, PTS and A/E. PTS or Patient transport = taking patients to & from hospital appointments and non-emergency work. On this occasion it was no different, the local ambulance crew had a few patients on board that needed to be returned home when they got a 999 call. It was to my parents house. My dad was a village policeman and lived at the local police house which was located on the old A3 and was one of the busiest roads in the south. He knew the local crews well, working with them frequently at the many horrendous RTAs occuring on that stretch of road.
The call was to my mum who went into labour, the crew turned up and reassured my dad that everything would be fine and that he was not a polieman now and that he was a panicky father to be. They said they had a few drop offs before getting my mum down to St Mary's in Portsmouth. They never made it, the crew had to pull over outside a town hall in Petersfield when my mum suddenly had the urge to push. Next thing you know out I pop. All was well, a healthy bouncing baby boy!
A few days later there was a small write up and a picture of me & mum in the local paper. My first taste of fame!
Funnily enough about 2 years later I tripped over one of my brothers legs and hit my forehead on the wooden arm of a chair, I actually remember this vaguely. Crying and holding my forehead I ran to my parents and told them I hit my head, as I moved my hands the blood started to flow. The next thing I remember was lying on my bed with a cold flannel on my forehead. The same ambulance crew that delivered me also took me to hospital to have my head stappled.
It's weird but I've worked out of the same ambulance station (only on overtime) where this crew were based.
Prehaps I was destined to do this job!

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