Monday, 11 August 2008

Just getting started

Well it's 23.52 (11.52pm in old money) and I'm on yet another night shift! Just been reading through a couple of blogs, not that I read blogs that often, just like to be nosey. I thought to myself 'Hey I could probably do that' , so here we are. Let me introduce myself, I'm a Paramedic working on the south coast of England and love my job. I'm happily married with hundreds of kids (well it seems like hundreds:) ). I hope to give you a glimpse into what it's like to be a Paramedic................................from my perspective. It will be sort of a diary but also stories of old, battles won and lost. Happy reading.

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rookie bebe said...

All right. You have got to explain the coocoocachoo in your address.

3 years ago when I started EMT school, we were learning about cou-contre coup. My husband was helping me learn this, and he said coo coo ka choo. So now I have the insane urge to say it in medic class.

I did start laughing during CPR recert and the instructor, my EMT teacher, was talking about coup contre coup in infants. I looked stupid when I laughed. It seemed like I was laughing at shaken baby syndrome when I was wasn't. Anyhoo, thought it was funny and wanted to know how you came up with it for your url.