Sunday, 17 August 2008

Today so far

5 jobs so far;

A fall - left at home.

A collapse at a church - all obs ok but still taken in for re assessment & obs due to the lady being unconscious for a brief period and her age.

20 year old collapse with chestpain and pain in left arm. patient was polish and spoke very little english. he looked quite pale, his pulse kept fluctuating, one minute it was 100 beats the next it was 160. His 12 lead ECG was abnormal as well. He had O2 & Aspirin, IV access for his trouble and we took some bloods for the hospital for good measure.

A diabetic hypo. Backing up a RRV Technician already on scene. I thought I'd be giving some IV glucose, because usually the only reason why a tech would ask for paramedic back up at a hypo would be because the IM glucagen had failed and the patient wasn't improving. Nope, we were called because her BP was only 82/56. We waited for a couple of minutes and the lady started coming round, funnily enough her BP also came up as well, 126/74. Oh well nothing for us here. The RRV tech stayed and re assessed her, gave advice and completed his paperwork.

RTC (Road traffic collision) or RTA or whatever it's called this week. Car lost control on a bend and slid sideways into a tree. 4 patients, one of which was trapped. 4 ambulances, 1 response car and 2 officers + fire & rescue & police. HEMS was mobile but stood down as not required. the usual chaos ensued and we were off to the hospital with our patient within 15 of arrival on scene. at hospital within 6 minutes.

Still got 1 hour and 45 minutes of the shift to go!

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