Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Last night

Last night was quite a quiet night really. Our last job wasn't the best finish to have. We were called to an entrapment RTA, 3 cars and a patient still trapped. As we left base one of the other night crews also were assigned the job as well. As we approached the scene we could see two badly damaged cars which had collided offside to offside. One car was empty and another was rear facing a fence. As I got the kit out a police officer ran over and the driver is still trapped but he thought he was probably dead. All the airbags had been deployed and sure enough a male was still trapped in the front. No pulse. I shouted to one of the other crew to get the cardiac monitor. Flat line. Sadly he was beyond any ones help. The occupants of the other car walked off but have since been found. The road was shut for over 10 hours while the Fire & Rescue cut the deceased from the wreckage and also while the Police crash investigation team did their bit.

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