Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Weekend days

I worked at the weekend, a bit quiet with the usual routine jobs. We did have a couple of genuine jobs though. The first was a lady suffering severe chest pain and breathing difficulties. A paramedic practitioner (PP) and a couple of local community responders were on scene well before us and were administering oxygen. The PP had done some obs and dipped the patients urine to see if there were any signs of bleeding or infection. The test came back negative. The patient was now wheezing which became exacerbated on movement. Her local DR had seen her the previous day and upped her dose of oral furosemide which didn't seem to be doing any thing for her. We blue lighted her in as a LVF/CHF. I gave her Aspirin, GTN, Salbutamol, Metoclopramide and some Morphine and en route her breathing was now a lot easier. She still had chest discomfort but nothing like before. Job done.

Another call was to a care home where the staff found one of the residents on her side blue and struggling to breathe. When we got there she was on her back but unconscious but breathing. She had no radial pulse and her systolic pressure was in the 70's. She was also a Diabetic with a high blood sugar. O2, some IV sodium chloride and off to hospital. Her arms were rigid but occasionally she would move them and eventually she caused the IV site to bleed where her wrist rubbed against the cannula. At hospital I disconnected the IV fluids as they had finished. I must of done something right because she managed to open her eyes for the first time.

The next was an unconscious Diabetic. She responded well to some IV Glucose and stayed at home in the care of her husband and daughter. It was quite funny because we heard their pet dog snoring so my crew mate (also a bloke I sat next to in school) asked if they wanted us to check it's sugar level while we were there. They found it highly amusing.

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