Tuesday, 10 February 2009

More overtime! Yeah!

Yet another overtime shift, this time on a response car. Only an 8 hour shift, money for old rope!
I did ONE job and a bit of roadside standby and that was it. At least the one and only job I did was genuine. 60 year old male with chest pain. I got there and started to assess the patient and within 60 seconds a Paramedic crew from base was standing next to me. His 12 lead ECG showed ST elevation in lead III only and he had reciprocal changes most notably in AVL, there was slight ST depression in some of the V leads. He was having an Inferior MI. The crew gave him O2, Aspirin and a squirt of GTN which reduced his pain. He wasn't a candidate for prehospital thrombolysis, doh! The on scene time was literally minutes and the crew soon whisked him off to A/E. He was thrombolysed at hospital. Hopefully his MI was aborted before any lasting damage to the heart muscle had occurred. Oh well maybe next time I get to thrombolyse. Oh well whether he lived or died at least I got there in under 8 minutes to keep the dept of health happy!
Next shift will be on a truck and that's overtime too! Show me the money!!

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