Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Pissed off!

Today my car was clamped at our local hospital, yes I know it was my own fault but I'm still pissed off! I had to take my 9 year old daughter to A/E as she had been suffering severe abdominal pains. We suspected appendicitis as all the signs were there i.e positive Rovsing's sign etc. Anyway we waited for the blood results to come back and thankfully she was suffering from nothing more than severe constipation. We went to the pharmacy to pick up her meds and when we got back to the car we saw 2 car park attendants (I like to call them parking police) walking away from the parking area with a camera, clipboard and clamping gear. I thought nothing of it until I saw my front wheel with it's new yellow friend bolted to it. Of course I got it in the neck from my wife because she had told me to move the car into the staff area but I knew better,'It'll be all right' I said. Famous last bloody words! I paid the £45 release fee and off we went.

OK MY OWN BLOODY FAULT, still pissed off though.

Knowing my little girl is fine and I soon forgot about the slight inconvenience of the clamp and fine.

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