Monday, 18 May 2009

All in a days work.

The weekend was run of the mill stuff, nothing exciting. On Saturday I fluffed the only IV that I could of justified on the last job of the day. A lady with renal colic who was in agony. She needed some decent analgesia but I couldn't get a vein. She said the hospital always had trouble in the past. We had to manage her on Entonox which was OK but not really hitting the spot.
Sunday was pretty much the same. However we did have a birth. A lady who's waters had broke earlier that morning and was just being driven to the maternity unit. But before they could pull off she had one almighty contraction and the baby started to crown. We arrived just as the baby did. Pouring down with rain (bloody typical English weather!) we had to work to get her and the baby out of the front seat of her car. I had to cut the cord on the roadside and after wrapping her in some hooded towels I rushed with babe in arms into the truck to quickly give the baby the once over. She was perfect with an APGAR score of 10 both at 1 & 5 minutes.
All the other drivers were rubbernecking as usual. With the mum now on the trolley, her husband helped my crew mate get her on board. Her placenta was still in situ and there had been minimal bleeding (no need for the syntometrine then!) so we decided to stick the lights and sirens on and cruise over to the hospital.
We also had a chest pain which on the ECG looked like the early stages of an Anterior MI but there wasn't enough ST elevation for me to thrombolyse (damn it!). We gave Aspirin and doses of nitrate spray but when the patient took his O2 mask off the pain started coming back so we gave him some buccal nitrates which helped. We had to wait for an escort (I wont go into detail but he had to have one) which was taking longer than we liked so I put in a cannula and drew some bloods for the hospital. I think he was having either an MI or Prinzmetal angina as the nitrates were helping keep the pain at bay. Anyway at hospital he was soon whisked off some where.
I'm on tonight as well but so far it's been quiet. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Dark Side said...

Shussshhh not the Q word!

petrolhead said...

You're so gonna regret saying the Q word!!

Sage said...

I have to feel some sympathy for his workmate, how helpless he must feel and probably thinking he should have done more... and you guys for trying your best, but unfortunately for him his time was done..

Please don't mention the Q word.