Friday, 8 May 2009


Today I was crewed up with another Paramedic (recently registered) and the expectations were high. By that I mean everyone else thought that we would go to all the 'proper' jobs.
'Oh, those two are together today. We'll be doing all the falls and probably wont get a look in' said one colleague. To top it all after our first job we had an army medic jump on the truck to observe for the shift. That was the kiss of death! Even my crew mate thought because he was working with me that he get some good jobs. The trouble with all this expectation is that nothing usually happens. I always say 'If you come in and don't expect proper jobs then you might be lucky and get a couple that require our skills. But if you come in with high expectations then you'll go home disappointed.' And that is how it usually happens.

1. Seizure. 11 yr old who had stopped fitting on our arrival. History of a single seizure 2 yrs ago. Thoroughly investigated and found that strobe lights affected him. This AM he had been sitting close to the TV and had a seizure. Monitored and transported to A/E for further assessment.
Picked up our army medic at A/E
2. Chest pain. Lovely elderly lady who was cheeky and could talk for England despite being severely breathless. O2 and into the truck and around the corner to A/E. Her heart rate was 150+ and climbing, it was also irregular. Turned out her problem was fast AF.
A stint of stand by at the Dr's surgery.
3. Chest pain. Whilst at the surgery one of the DRs came out and said 'Just to give you the heads up lads, I've got a patient inside with SVT who'll need to go to A/E' And sure enough the job came through. Must have been the quickest Cat A response time ever! We were slightly miffed as we were tucking in to sausage rolls and a steak slice as he came out! Middle aged lady with a pulse rate of 190+and feeling light headed. O2, IV access and a 12 lead then blue lighted in. On the way I tried the valsalva manoeuvre with a 20 ml syringe which worked briefly and brought her heart rate down to 115. It was short lived and despite repeated attempts her heart rate was still banging away at 190+.
4. Urgent journey. Urinary retention from a nursing home. By the time we got there the patient had managed to empty his bladder but had now developed diarrhoea. The nurse in charge didn't really want him to go in because of this so we agreed to let her contact the GP and arrange further assessment. At last a nursing home that actually uses common sense!
5.Fall. Assistance only. GP was attending anyway and did so while we were on scene. We left her to deal with the patient.
6. Fall. Elderly lady who fell down a few carpeted steps and bumped her head on the plaster board wall. Very anxious and not completely recovered. A trip to A/E.
7. Entrapment...................................................In HANDCUFFS! Young lad larking about with mates in the street put on one of the cuffs and couldn't get it off. A friend was worried about circulation. On scene within a minute and quickly followed by Fire & Rescue. I was going to get our bolt croppers out but seeing as Fire were right behind us decided to let them get on with it. In the end they used a leatherman tool to pick the locking mechanism and set the lad free. The funniest part was when said that it was too tight and would have to take his arm off below the elbow. His face was a picture! He walked off with his mates soon after.

With shift now over, my crew mate looking thoroughly peed off, said 'Thanks for a thoroughly average day!'
Well I did say don't come in with high expectations didn't I!
I spent a little time chatting on base with some of the night crews and an officer who had been at a Police shooting during the day before driving home.

Back Saturday and Sunday night. I wont be expecting much!

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Anonymous said...

How absolutely funny! I just recently completed the first of many to clinicals to come- the first 2 shifts were completely dull- nothing! So when I had to come back for a third shift I was all prepared to study etc- oh wow did I get a shock- we ran trauma the whole day long! But I loved every minute of it! But also to illustrate that expectations don't have to be high can be down in the cellar and can get the suprise of your life! :)