Monday, 25 May 2009

Late meal breaks, crews down, no spare trucks and vehicles breaking down but yet we soldier on. Beautiful sunshine over the bank holiday weekend and I'm stuck at work. It didn't help when my wife text me with 'Hope you're having a nice day at work, I'm off to the beach with the kids.'
Talk about rubbing salt into the wounds! By all accounts they had a nice time. I on the other hand had to slog it out at work.

RTA neck pain, falls, bowel obstruction (requiring morphine-did the trick though and she wasn't very well at all), collapse ? cause, dying swan hyperventilation (after being accused of stealing, this patient just wound me up inside. I'll post about it in the future. Arrgh!), CVA that wasn't a CVA, back injury etc etc. You name it we pretty much had it.
We also had a young lad who fell off his BMX and the brake lever went into his inside thigh and ripped it open. I could have put my whole fist in the wound! He was brave and I'm sure by the time we arrived at the hospital he was now an Entonox (nitrous) addict. Ha Ha. He didn't want anything else for the pain which surprised me. It was a big wound for a kid to have. He asked the A/E consultant if he could go to sleep when they stitched it up. 'I think that might be a good idea' she said softly. I thought 'Too bloody right!'
Cardiac arrest, middle aged man collapsed and smashed through a glass door backwards. He'd been down too long and was beyond help.
The other crews had been to a premature baby who had stopped breathing and was grey and floppy. Airway & breathing management was all that was needed, sugar level fine as well. No other interventions or drugs needed, just a heavy right foot and 20 litres of diesel. The baby took a little while to recover at hospital but by the time the crews had cleared up the little bundle of joy was trying to eat the 02 tubing! A job well done!
My last call yesterday was to guy who had fallen heavily onto his foot the evening before. It had now ballooned up and was bruised. You could feel & hear the crepitus and the swelling was creeping up the outside of his leg. He drained both an F size and CD size Entonox bottle and in the end I gave him some morphine. I'll check up on him tonight. I know it's rare but I think he has broken his Fibula. Usually both Tib & Fib break but there something about where the pain was and how he landed that made me think. I was also worried about compartment syndrome developing. I suppose I'm just being over cautious.
Back in tonight for one of two nights.

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