Saturday, 16 May 2009

Good news!

Just a quick update about our Intubated guy from my last couple of postings.
I enquired at A/E reception about his where abouts and found out that he had been transferred from ITU down to an acute ward. This meant one of two things to me, either he was fine or that he was not going to make it. I took a stroll over to the ward and as I walked along the corridor I looked in one of the side rooms and saw this guy. Was it him? I checked the names on the board and sure enough it was him. The staff were all busy so I went back to the room. I couldn't believe it. He looked healthier than you or I. I introduced myself and we chatted for about 10 minutes. He told me that the DRs still didn't have a clue what was wrong with him and that he had all manner of tests. He asked if we had to shock him, I told him we didn't but he wasn't in good shape at all. He thanked me and I left him in his side room.
These sort of jobs don't happen that often but when they do it makes you realise just why we are here.


Tazambo said...

Nice work, excellent result.

Michael Morse said...

Great job, you made the difference in the field, that guy didn't have a chance. I've never had the chance to speak to anybody after tubing them, hats off to you!

mac said...

Thanks for the comments. It has left me on a bit of a high. I spoke to the EMT who was on the car before we arrived and he was amazed. He thought the guy was going to die for sure, even after we delivered him to hospital. It just goes to show that nothing is ever black or white in medicine.