Saturday, 13 September 2008

3 X 3 part2

Next call, 3 month old burns. We're called to a coffee shop in town to a baby who has had boiling hot coffee accidently spilled over her chest and arms. The baby is screaming we are told over the radio. A screaming baby is a welcome sight to any one in emergency care. It means the airway is clear and the baby is breathing. Good enough.
When we arrive the baby is in the young fathers arms and he hands us his screaming pride and joy. We strip the baby and see that there is wide spread superficial burns to the top half of the chest and on parts of the arms. Out come the water gel dressings and they are placed carefully over the affected areas. I got the mum to hold some O2 tubing over the baby's face whilst I attached the pulse oximetry to her tiny finger. I then covered the baby with a blanket. You see the secret with burns is to cool the burn but not the patient because hypothermia can cause further complications. Within minutes the baby stops crying. She is now sucking on her dummy as if nothing had happened. Both mum and dad were a lot more relaxed.
After some further treatment and a night in the hospital, the baby is discharged . No blistering, no scarring. A good outcome using good basic skills. That's what we like when it comes to kids!

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