Thursday, 4 September 2008

Death, Final destination for us all.

Driving on the roads where I live there are constant reminders of lives lost in road traffic collisions. Similar signs to the one pictured are placed at every fatal incident. On the way to work I passed two. One was for a 19 year old girl who was a passenger in a car that went into the back of a tractor trailer, she later died in hospital and the other was for a guy who was hit and killed at high speed crossing the busy dual carriageway.

On one of my days off I was out locally with my family and driving home I saw more signs to the north of town. When I returned to work on my next shift I was to learn that I had been drinking with one of the people killed. It was a birthday celebration and we were chatting to his sister about her giving birth, it's horrible to think that none of us knew he would be dead just a week later.

I've been to countless fatal road accidents and unfortunately the vast majority of casualties have been young or middle aged, the prime of their lives some would say. And most are avoidable. It's just such a waste.

Personally I liked the Final Destination movies but I can't help but think, is death really waiting to pounce? And when young people die is it because they cheated death at a previous time and death is just catching up or is it just fate. I guess we'll never know and when we do it'll be too late!

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