Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Run of the mill

This shift started off so promising. That's a bit unfair, just about all my jobs today were genuine calls for help.

My first call was a Cat A chest pain. A 49 year old male undertaking some DIY started suffering chest 'discomfort' as he put it. He had a previous heart attack 4 years ago and said this discomfort was similar to that but not as bad. I was on scene within 60 seconds as it was only round the corner from base. He had taken a couple of sub lingual GTN tablets which had no effect. I started him on some O2 in the house and was quickly joined by a crew. On board the vehicle he was wired up so we could get a 12 lead ECG, it wasn't particularly good quality but I could see a slight elevation in his inferior leads. This is the underside of the heart and the leads looking at it are known as II, III & AVF. There was not enough elevation for me to thrombolyse this guy. Anyway he had some aspirin and 400 mcg of GTN and I put a line in his ACF and took 4 vials of blood so the Dr's could test it at hospital. His discomfort had subsided a little so we gave him another squirt of GTN spray. His discomfort was easing after the Nitrates which mean't that it was probably Angina and not a heart attack. He declined any pain relief. The hospital was pre alerted and he was run in on red. His ECG was borderline at hospital as well so I assumed he was kept in and observed, awaiting the results of his blood tests.
My next call was to an RTC, I was out on standby and was there first. The call was passed as 'female trapped'. When I got there the car was on it's side with the woman still inside, she was hidden by all the bags and coats etc that had fallen on to her. After quickly realising that she was ok, I got her out. I beat the firefighters to it. They did look a bit forlorn when they arrived. She was re assessed in the ambulance that had turned up. Witnesses said that she was driving relatively slowly and must of lost it on the bend. She was unhurt and refused hospital.
I was stood down from a couple of jobs and did a bit more stand by. My next call was to a man who couldn't cope with his wife who had dementia. She walked out of their caravan and refused to acknowledge that he was her husband. This wasn't a new problem and she was other wise OK. I walked them back to their caravan and gave the husband some advice. He then admitted that he had given her a Zopiclone tablet about 30 minutes previously. He apologised for calling and stated that he didn't know what else to do.
My last call was to an 18 year old dance student in his freshers year at the local university who had slipped and fell onto his left shoulder. It was definitely out but surprisingly he declined any pain relief as he wasn't really in any pain. His friend said that he was a good dancer, 'Not that good then'. I said jokingly. I took him to A/E in the car. And that is it, I'm finished as it is now 23.55 so I'll sign off and go put my morphine back in the safe. Next shift is Thursday on the RRV again.

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