Saturday, 27 September 2008

Richmond: The first night

After settling in at our hotel, The Linden Row Inn ,on East Franklin St we decided to head out and grab some food. The EMT who was our designated driver recommended Halligan's bar. This is an EMS/Firefighter bar. It was a saturday night and it was packed out but that didn't sway us. All we wanted was some decent food and of course a couple of beers to wash it down. We were definitely the 'out of towners' but everyone made us feel welcome. In one of the pictures is half a fire truck which forms the back wall, it also has all the drinks taps cleverly built in. A nice touch. 'Wanna bud?' said the girl behind the bar. 'Nah, give us some of that Yuengling stuff please'. Glad we did, it was bloody lovely. We learned that Yuengling is America's oldest brewery, personally I'd never heard of it until that night. Later on we were drinking a highly recommended drink, I think it was called The Hook & Ladder. Basically it's half a beer with a shot glass filled with various types of vodka dropped in the beer glass. When someone is about to drink these the lights and sirens go off on the fire truck. Again these were nice and really hit the spot. I didn't have a huge amount to drink but felt like I did probably down to the time difference. It was 23.30 in Richmond and 04.30 back home. We also met the owner and some of the guys in the bar, they really made us feel welcome. A thoroughly good night.
On the wall there are firefighter & EMS patches from all over, I'm thinking of sending some from my old uniform and getting the owner to send a picture back to me. Just got to get around to doing it.

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