Friday, 26 September 2008


We had to fly into Chicago O'Hare first and then get a connecting flight to Richmond. Chicago is known as the windy city and for good reason. As we came in to land the captain said that it may be a bit bumpy, JESUS! I've never been so scared in all my life. As we landed, the plane swayed side to side and as it touched down it swayed even more. I thought we were going to crash! Some passengers even screamed it was that rough. Obviously not that rough, a cool, calm and collected captain came over the air and said in a stereo typically British accent 'Sorry about that, a little rough I know but it's not the worst we've had. And thank you again for flying BA.' Not that rough, bloody hell! I still had to fly down to Richmond and back and then from Chicago home again. Oh what joy. I'm fine in helicopters but can't stand aeroplanes so I was understandably nervous. One of the first images that I wont forget was of two Chicago policemen having some form debate with a disgruntled passenger (pictured). The plane on the connecting flight was tiny, I was now starting to worry again but hid it well. Once up in the air again I was fine and the views were awesome. Coming into Richmond was a different story, torrential rain and violent thunderstorms were a plenty, I couldn't wait to get back on to terra firma again. It took us two passes before we could land! On exiting Richmond International airport we were greeted by two RAA staff, one Paramedic supervisor and an EMT-B. The EMT-B was to be our chaperone for the week.

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