Saturday, 13 September 2008

Another quiet shift

Due to be on the RRV but had to work on a vehicle for the first part of the shift. One of the guys went sick and left my crewmate working alone. That was short lived as there was also someone on the RRV in the morning, so they paired up til I showed up. Makes sense? Thought not, I know what I'm on about.
We did two jobs.
1. Sick person, a lady who lived alone who had started some antibiotics yesterday and had been vomiting all afternoon. She didn't look too good. She had some IV Metoclopramide (anti-sickness meds) which seemed to do the trick.
2. Chest pain and shortness of breath (SOB), another elderly lady who had been getting chest tightness and palpitations this afternoon with increasing SOB. She is under investigation for this and is awaiting a 7 day cardiac monitor. She will be wearing it for 7 days funnily enough and when she goes back to the cardiac outpatients a cardiologist will check all the data to see what could be causing the symptoms. The lady's daughter said she went grey and thought she may have passed out but couldn't be sure. The lady described it as more of a tightness and discomfort rather than pain. We treated her as any other possible cardiac patient. High flow oxygen, an Aspirin and Nitrates which eased the symptoms slightly. I put a line in and drew some bloods for the hospital. Her 12 lead ECG wasn't too bad, just a bit of 1st degree AV block and lead 3 looked a bit suspect. Not suitable for thromolysis, she was too old as well being 88, our cut of is 80.

At 19.30 I chucked my stuff on the RRV. Only done one job so far. That was to a lady who had fallen. A community first responder was on scene before me and was looking through the letter box. The lady was on the floor and sounded incoherent. I thought she having a stroke or a diabetic hypo. The key safe code was the wrong one so I ended up breaking in. I used our 'Hi honey I'm home' kit, my name for our basic rescue kit. I had to prize open a solid PVC double glazed window. It came open a treat. After getting her up off the floor I assessed her and she turned out to be fine. It was tricky due to her recently suffering a previous stroke which had left her with a permanent speech and swallowing problem. I arranged for an out of hours DR to contact her son and discuss her social needs. She was happy with this. She did get upset with God and started to wave her fist at the ceiling. She was a nice lady.
I'm now back on base with only an hour and ten minutes to go. Fortunately there are two crews on base so fingers crossed I'll finish on time.

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