Sunday, 21 September 2008

Taxi drivers & Seat belts

It has always amazed why taxi drivers never wear seat belts. I know all their excuses but still can't really see their logic.

Too cut a long story short this RTC (Road traffic collision) occurred locally.

A mini van taxi goes through a red light at speed and is struck side on by another vehicle. The taxi is now on its side. Two ambulance crews are dispatched and the driver of the taxi is in cardiac arrest. The patient is successfully resuscitated and later transferred from the local A/E dept to an ITU in another hospital 30ish miles away.

Back to the scene; while one crew is transporting the patient, one of the other crew is talking to another taxi driver who pulled over to help. My colleague knows this taxi driver.

EMT 'Why didn't he have his seat belt on?'

Taxi driver 'Because we don't have to!'

EMT 'Yeah but If he had his seat belt on, his injuries wouldn't have been so bad!'

Taxi driver 'Yeah but we don't have to wear them'

EMT 'I know that but I think you're completely missing the point here!'

Need I say more!

Unfortunately the 25 year old taxi driver had broken his neck and was in cardiac arrest on arrival of the crews. Between the crews and the local A/E dept they were able to resuscitate him. One week later his life support was switched off.

So if there are any taxi drivers out there who happen to read this, belt up! It could save your life!


Anonymous said...

They're not a part international air ambulance services just because they wanted to, but because they know what's safe and what's not, so better listen up guys.

Trust me, they don't like it when someone calls for emergency.

mac said...

Er not sure I understand what you mean.

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