Monday, 22 September 2008

Let's start with Friday, oh what joy!

Another set of weekend night shifts completed. I'd like to say that I have loads of time off but I haven't. I'm doing an overtime shift on the RRV tomorrow, more fool me!
Let me see what did we get called to?

1. Apparently confused 87 year old male who according to police didn't have a clue where he they called us!
Not confused at all, not from these parts and couldn't remember where he parked his car. His wife also went missing with their dog. He was fine so the police took him to the border for another police force to take him the rest of the way home.
2. A lady who I thought was Irish had fainted, she was actually from Barbados. How could I have got that wrong! She had recovered and stayed at home.
3. Head injury, ETOH on the side of the road after a staff party. This was probably the highlight of the night but you needed to be there as it was comical in places. Basically he was violent, drunk and seemed to have an interfering friend attached to his hip. He needed to go in as alcohol can mask potentially serious injuries. Police helped us out on that one. He was so bad we had to transport him in the police van, he was cuffed and put on the deck. I had the response bag with me just in case he took a turn for the worse. The only Observation I was really able to obtain was his sugar level. All we got out of him was a lot of swearing. He even called his wife a C*** and told her F*** Off on the phone. Charming man. At hospital he kicked a nurse in the stomach while he was still cuffed.
4. 18 year old OD, 8 paracetamol. Started work at her new job and had an argument with her boyfriend. She wanted to go to hospital so we took her.
5. D & V, 66 year old lady who despite her 2 weeks of constant D & V looked remarkably well. Asked why she hadn't phoned the out of hours GP she replied 'What, at the weekend! Ooh I'm far too ill for that.' Need I say more! Having said that I saw her in A/E last night, same problem. The A/E staff were not impressed with her.


Anonymous said...

The next day i had the pleasure of taking your job No.3 from the custody suite back to A&E. He was 'horrified' at his behaviour from the previous night (which he had no recollection,apparently?) but he atleast was charged with d&d and for the assault on the nurse.

mac said...

Aah a fellow south coast bod, reveal yourself you scoundrel. Lol