Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Old faces

Whilst driving back to base I saw a couple of familiar faces from recent jobs. The first was a woman, she was actually 40 today, walking in the pouring rain. We took her in yesterday after staff at the local holiday resort were on their cleaning rounds. She and her two young kids were due to leave their apartment by 10 am but were still there. The cleaners used their key only to find two kids 3 & 7 years of age playing and drinking coke. Mum was sparko on the bed. Three and a half empty bottles of 37.5% vodka next to her. She wasn't too clever that's for sure. We quickly checked her sugar level and BP and tried to get her to converse but were having no luck. Just a blank expression. A police officer soon turned up and the kids were lead away to another apartment. They seemed happy enough. After consuming so much alcohol we needed to take her to hospital in case she was suffering alcohol poisoning which can be fatal.I wanted to put a line in and give her some fluid as she looked dehydrated but she had poor veins so I gave up on that and just took her in. Found out she had been arrested later on. I don't understand people who go on holiday and get pissed without even thinking of their kids, especially a single parent.

The next was a guy in his 30's who decided one night that he would get completely hammered and hurl himself 20 feet off a building onto the concrete below. He was an ex heroin addict who's girlfriend (all of 2 weeks) said she thought he just got down from the building, walked down this dark alley and lay down. The fact that he was barely conscious and his left arm was the shape of the letter s seemed to go completely over her head. He couldn't have any morphine as he was on Naltrexone which is used to block the effects of heroin in addicts. His BP was low so he had a line and some fluid. I also gave him some narcan as I couldn't rule out an opiate OD either. He was later intubated & ventilated and moved to ITU.
I saw him wandering around with his arm in plaster. He was a lucky chap. Probably the alcohol making him all floppy which may explain why he got off lightly. Or is it a case of 'No sense, no feeling'


FlameRocker said...

What an interesting topic you have for a blog, It sure beats talking about being a sales woman for a car insurance firm anyway! I really like the idea for this blog, so I will be bookmarking your page and checking back!

And in response to the 1st part of your blog, you are so right how can a single parent take their kids on holiday and just get so wasted that they can't bloody move, I think it's a horrible thing for a person to do, to their children, at least the children were in another room...


Alice xx

P.S your blog works by the way!

La Pixie said...

wow, how can people be so selfish as to not take care of their kids?? that is just horrible.

how do you do it? I would get depressed after seeing stuff like that.