Friday, 12 September 2008

They're back!

My two eldest are back from there respective activity breaks. It's the first time my eldest son has been away from home and boy did we miss him. He's been having a right ole time of it. Quad biking, archery, fencing, abseiling and various other activities over the last week. My eldest daughter has also been away but for only two days doing similar activities. And yes baby we missed you too!

It has been just me , the missus, my youngest son and the baby. All I can say it was quiet (if anyone can believe that!) without them here. It hasn't taken long for everything to be back to normal, they've already nearly eaten us out of house and home. They are only 10 & 9!

Glad your home safe and sound.

(the picture is me with 3 of my 4 wonderful kids)

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Michael Morse said...

I love the sound of that phrase, "activity breaks." Breaks are always good but getting everybody back together is even better! I hope you all enjoy the weekend. And thanks for the 911 posts, it's good to know our cousins have our back!