Tuesday, 30 September 2008

What amazes me is how passionate the Americans are about what they do. Do we see stuff like this in the UK? Like hell do we. Do we have EMS/Fire fighter bars? Nope. There's no real sense of comaraderie (did I spell that right? Even spell check's not that sure!). I think you guys are lot keener and more motivated than us Brits. In the make ready depot in Richmond I asked one of the veteran EMT-B guys what keeps him motivated, he just replied with 'I just love doin calls' Don't get me wrong, I love doing my job but there are a lot of miserable so and so's who just moan about it all the time. It drags you down sometimes.


Michael Morse said...

Hello Mac, thanks for the compliments, nice to hear we're appreciated.
Try to bring some of that comradarie back with you, you never know, it might catch on!

mac said...

Just to let you know Mike that I visited Richmond back in June.

Michael Morse said...

Furthur evidence that my head is up my ass most of the time!